Is a Direct Mail Service Right for You?

If you have ever considered using a direct mail service for the very first time, there are probably a ton of questions on your mind.  How much is it going to cost?  Is it worth it at the end of the day?  Will it even work?  Is it better than the other advertising options out available to me?

While these are all great questions, you must know that the benefits of utilizing a direct mail service make it something that is very appealing and very viable.  In fact, if you were to Google direct mail services near me, you will more than likely see several different companies that all have nothing but excellent reviews.

With that being said, here is exactly what you can expect when you take advantage of everything that a direct mail service can do for you.

·    Get a Higher Response Rate

Direct mail is something that has always had a much higher response rate compared to many of the other types of marketing methods available.  In fact, a study done in 2019 showed that the response rate of direct mailings was 9% for those who had interacted with the company/person in the past, and more than 5% for cold prospects.

·    Get Your Message Read

Think about what you do when you get the mail every day.  You look and read through each piece that you get.  This means you can expect a large majority to receive your message.

·    It Builds Trust

Since direct mail is not something that can be packed full of spam (have you ever been offered a free iPhone online?), it builds trust with the consumer.  While they may not take advantage of what you are offering right away, when they are ready you will be the first person they come too.

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